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Why do so many people say they don’t need counseling when everyone around them is suffering because of their attitude.

A person that does not want counseling in most cases cannot be helped. At times even with counseling a person will only listen to what they want to listen to and still want to blame others for their problems. Asking for counseling is actually a brave thing to do and not something that shows signs of weakness. What makes a person weak is to be afraid to ask for counseling. Statistics show it is harder for a man to reveal that he needs counseling because in a lot of cases they have been raised to never let their feelings out. This is very destructive to the soul (the mind), heart (the spirit) and even the body as holding things in can cause physical sickness. A person shows they are strong and not “afraid” or have a cowardly attitude if they admit they have problems. Everyone from time to time has problems and problems are even more prevalent now than ever before.

If you finally decide to get counseling (if so needed) then listen with your wholeheart and put all your efforts into it.

Pro 8:33 Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.

This tells us biblically that we should hear instruction and not refuse it.

To those who refuse to hear will have many heart-aches (that could have been avoided) because they will have to learn the hard lessons of going through the experience and then finding out the consequences (which could be a lot worse than they expected, and most of the time is worse than they expected).

It is a lot more wise to hear these mistakes from other Christians that have either been through it, have wise knowledge about it, or know someone who has been through rather than doing the opposite and saying something like this: “I need to learn for myself, so just leave me alone” In fact, saying “I need to learn for myself” is something you would expect to hear from a rebellious teenager and not an adult who is willing to grow right in the Lord for the sake of themselves and others around them.

Kids need to listen to their parents or gaurdians because adults have experience and can save them much trouble (unless of course they don’t have good influences in their parents or gaurdians). We should pray for those children that don’t have good infuences that either God will put someone in their life to be a Godly example or that their parents will find Christ our Savior.

If we keep the attitude of a rebellious teenager we will suffer time and time again. If we have an attitude like a young child does we are willing to grow up (in the Christian life) avoiding many complications.

This is not to say we will never have any problems, but we can avoid many problems that are NOT needed.

The above is scripture from the Bible (no need to include copyright).

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