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Why are you so Angry?

You’ll pay for that!
You’re a jerk!
Would you shut your big mouth!
I’m so sick of you!
Why are we even married?!!

Why don’t we just get divorced!
You tick me off!

You are stupid!
I hate you!
I wish you weren’t my brother!
I wish I would just die!

These are some of the nicer things people say when they are angry.

I’m sure we could think of a lot more and go on and on.

These are just some responses people make, even when they are Christians! More so however, it’s called sinning when you are angry.

When we are angry we can say the most horrible and degrading things to others.

Why do we get Angry?

Well actually it’s quite common to get angry. We are human and anger is an emotion. Anger itself is not necessarily sinful. God gets angry at the sinful and God is Holy. Righteous anger is what you get when you think about when you think of a child abuser, or the murderer, or people who give abortions.

But if you try to get even with these people or act foolishly towards them it is called sin. See Proverbs 14:17 and Romans 12:17-21.

We are to leave it up to God when we are mad. God will deal with it justly.

Are you hard to live with because you have to have your own way all the time? Do you get mad when someone doesn’t do something you want them to do and start yelling at them? Both of those are handling anger in a sinful manner.

You may be upset but when you start yelling at them (acting foolishly) or when you have to have your own way all the time you are being selfish.

Do you try to control people with your anger? That is sin! It’s also a bad habit. See Proverbs 19:19.

Anger is an issue of the heart Mark 7:21 says it’s not what you eat that makes you bad but it’s what comes out of the heart. Your heart is not right with God when you have anger issues. It’s not your situation or your circumstances. There is always going to be people that let you down and not do what you expect of them, but it’s how you respond that is important.

Anger also has a physical side. Your soul is connected to your body. When your soul gets angry you feel it physically. You tremble. People who are angry can become depressed or have heart problems. It is important to get help if you have anger issues. You should not let anger live in you. Anger can lead to actual physical reactions, such as throwing things or hitting things. That is all foolishness which is against God’s word.

An angry man or woman has no control over their hearts. They are vulnerable to doing something awful. They could cause lifetime scars in others.

A fool always loses his temper but a wise man always holds it back. Words hurt. The tongue is like fire when you are angry.

It’s also contagious. If you have a habit of showing your anger the people around you may follow you. Especially your children. But even your wife or friends. An angry person that does not have self control opens the door to the devil and demons. Those spirits can tempt those around you. What a better way to destroy your children and your relationships.

Take a few seconds to think of a calm response before you react. You will look so much less foolish.

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