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Thoughts About Life…

Most people think that once the feeding, diaper changing, buckling carseats, wet beds and terrible twos were over then it must be smooth sailing after that!

How many times have you heard people say “It only gets worse from here” Do they even know what they are talking about? Maybe they just have bad kids or don’t know how to parent.

Well we quickly find out that although there is a nice break in between filled with birthday cake, dolls, trucks, new bikes and popsicles that things do change.

As we go back and look at the terrible twos we can see that there is a complete opposite yet just as destructive (if not more) once they reach teen hood.

When they are toddlers, they tend to be out of control, going from one thing to the next, throwing fits if they don’t get their way and that’s just if you’re lucky. This highlights even worse if there are siblings that they are competing with.

Now that they are teenagers, they tend to be on the other end. Instead of being out of control – they want to be control freaks. They think they know everything, they are often loud and for lack of better words they can be downright annoying. They act as if they’ve forgotten everything you’ve ever taught them and seem to be in a world of their own almost all of the time. Some even quit talking, others talk more, it’s like a whirlwind or a tornado that you just were not expecting!

It’s very important to teach them very early on about values because once they become teenagers they become tempted in everyway possible with drugs, sex, wrong music, bad friends, possible suicidal thoughts and so on.

The best way to find values is through the Holy Word of God. They need to be taught that we are supposed to follow the example of Jesus and always ask ourselves yes “what would Jesus do” in every situation.

Even children that come from Christian homes are going to have these temptations.

Sometimes children can get so wrapped up in their friends problems that they can become depressed and helpless themselves. It’s much easier for bad habits to be contagious when children are teens. Especially ones that seem to be abnormal.

If you read any textbook in abnormal psychology it will tell you that even mental illness is contageous.

Do you remember that old saying that “a smile is contageous, spread it around today”

Thus being said, parents should monitor who they are hanging around with. It’s okay that your teenagers have freinds but if these friends have constant problems then he or she really needs more professional help rather than your son or daughter.

There was a girl named Becca who was brutally molested by her dad and uncles, and forced to have sex with her brothers – who knows what else. Her friend Kate tried to rescue her from all of this by inviting her over a lot and at one point trying to help her friend hide from her parents. Kate became so wrapped up in this situation that she found herself one day riding home with Becca and her dad. Kate was terrified. It was about a 12 mile drive and all Kate could think about was what was going to happen to her. Becca tried to comfort her as much as she could but the truth is Becca didn’t know what was about to happen either.

They got to Becca’s house and they went in. Kate wanted to run but was afraid to and didn’t know where she was or where she would go. When they went in there sat the uncle and the brother.

Next thing Kate knew was waking up hurting all over and could hardly get up. When she finally managed to get up she grabbed her clothes realizing that she was wearing one of Becca’s nightgowns. She quickly changed her clothes and put her shoes on. As she was ready to walk out the door she saw a note on the table that said: Mess with our family again and your dead next time.

Kate held that inside of her for 16 years until she finally told a counselor.

It’s so important to talk to your children about these things and other things.

The reason the suspect that Kate was so out of it is because she was drugged.

If you let your kids drink you are not doing them any favors. Even if it seems innocent. You could be putting them on a train of alcoholizm. Do you want that for your child?

If your teenagers see you doing something ie: drinking you should know that you are putting them at risk anyway. They will call you a hypocrite. Then they are likely to drink anyway.

Everyone is better off without a drink but if you must then at least don’t do it around your children.

The worst thing about drinking is that if children start going to parties they are likely to either be date raped, drugged, or both.

So definately be on the lookout on who their friends are. It is okay to ban them from their friends. Even if homeschooling or another school is your only option.

Don’t take this out of context. Not every little problem is a call for drastic changes

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