A Lot Of People Are Using Attraction Marketing Websites – See Why They Are Needed

If you have not heard of an attraction marketing website then you might not know why one is needed and how it can benefit you. The written Internet concept of attraction marketing has been around for just about a decade now, but the unwritten concept has been around for centuries.  Plain and simple, the attraction marketing concept comes down to this: If people like you, then they will buy from you or work with you. They will probably choose you over someone that is not
"attractive" to them.  The attraction marketing concept online is just as straight forward but it is a little more
complicated in how someone chooses to like someone versus someone else is measured. The main way is that you provide someone a reason to like you and to follow you. Some reasons are that you will provide value to their life such as education, support, ideas, encouragement, useful products, etc.  With so many websites online these days, one has to stand out above the rest. In order to do that
effectively, the concept of attraction marketing online was born. Although used primarily in the
network marketing and business opportunity industries, attraction marketing can work with any niche or product.  However, many website owners make a big mistake when putting together their website. They think of their purpose for what they want on their website and not what the visitor will want. To have someone like a website and want to share it with their friends and colleagues, the website must meet the visitor's needs. Spewing a bunch of "buy this," or "join me in this," or "the newest company or product is so hot," etc. just turns people off in the world of internet marketing. Even Google understands the concept of attraction marketing and therefore has placed in their search engine algorithm the need for a website to bring value to potential visitors in order to rank high for that particular keyword or keywords.  The components of an attraction marketing website are added life value for the website followers.
Pages such as free educational and useful gifts, continual training, recommendations that are being used and adding value to the website's owner's own life or business, and an updated blog with articles that are interesting and relevant to the website visitor's purpose. Since an attraction
marketing website can be considered an online business card, information about the website owner and why the website exists can also be valuable when done correctly.  When putting an attraction marketing website together, one way to think of it, would be how you
would go about dating your visitors. Would you blab your guts out on the first date, or in this case
the first website page? Or would you gradually provide info about you and your life over time?
Unless you are one of the Jersey Shore cast, you most likely will present yourself and your
"opportunity" over time and in the beginning put your best foot forward. This will benefit your
date/visitor and make her/him want to come back again and see you to learn more.  Most people that have an attraction marketing website have more leads than they know what to do with, so if you can build one or get one built, you probably will, too. This type of website is also
very socially accepted and referred on the social networks regularly, so a little promotion for one
of these websites goes a long way.  There are many more benefits of an attraction marketing website. These are too many to list here,
but anyone that has one would not want to give it up and either will you. 


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